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“Kinema Shashinkan” Copyright and trademark notices

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“Kinema Shashinkan” Terms of Use

Welcome to the Kinema Shashinkan website. “Kinema Shashinkan” is owned and operated by CINEMA & STAGE CULTURE ASSOCIATION. By using this site, it shall be deemed that the user understands the following terms of use and conditions and is agreeing to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions of use. Use of this website is discouraged if the user does not agree with any part of these terms and conditions. Please read each article carefully before using this site.

Article 1. Copyrights of Kinema Shashinkan

1.The contents copyrights of the Kinema Shashinkan website such as text, images, photographs, designs and others belong to Kinema Shashinkan and/or each rights holder that has given Kinema Shashinkan permission to use.

2.It shall be deemed a violation of law to access all the contents included herein or any part of them without prior and/or written consent of Kinema Shashinkan, the rights holder or the portrait rights holder. This includes, but is not limited to, duplication, editing, modification, reprinting, public transmission (including making content available for transmission), distribution, sales, provision, translation and/or any other kinds of use. Such violation shall be deemed as an infringement of the copyrights of Kinema Shashinkan, and of the legal rights holder’s copyrights, portrait rights or other arising rights. When such violation is committed, the user may be charged with either criminal liability and/or deemed liable of unlawful conduct under the Civil Code of Japan.

3.Under no circumstances shall Kinema Shashinkan be liable for any loss or damages caused by any aforementioned actions committed by the user. Additionally, in the case that the user obtained any profit out of such actions, it shall be deemed that Kinema Shashinkan is eligible to claim the money equivalent of such profit.


Article 2. Operational Obligation of Kinema Shashinkan

Kinema Shashinkan has checked and confirmed all information before posting it on this site. However, neither Kinema Shashinkan nor any third parties can provide any guarantee as to the accuracy, usability, and suitability of the information on this site. Under no circumstances is Kinema Shashinkan liable for damages including, but not limited to, those resulting from lost profits, lost data or interruption of business arising out of the use of this site, the inability to use this site, or errors or omissions in the contents or functions of this site, even if Kinema Shashinkan or an authorized representative thereof has been advised of the possibility of such damages. If use of the materials, information or services from this site results in the need for servicing, repair or correction of equipment or data, the user will assume all costs thereof.

Article 3. Use of Quotations from Kinema Shashinkan

Article 32 of the Japanese copyright law states that “Quotes may be made from published materials.” However, in such a case, “the usage must agree with fair practices and the scope of usage shall be limited to news reports, critiques, research and/or other fair purposes only.“ Additionally, such quotations shall be permitted only for the following:
(1) To specify the original source.
(2) To distinguish body text from quotations.
(3) To comply with the master-servant relationship in body text and quotations strictly.
(4) To not infringe on the moral right of the author whose quotation shall be quoted.

Sensitive handling is requested when using any quotations.

Article 4. Change of Service or Discontinuation of Service

Kinema Shashinkan may change the content of the services provided on its website without prior consent of the user. Also, please be aware that any events outside the control of Kinema Shashinkan, including emergencies, may require the cancellation/discontinuation of the services on this website. No indemnification shall be provided to the user or any third parties for any loss, damage or dispute arising out of any change and/or cancellation/discontinuation of the services on this website.

Article 5. Other Disclaimers / Limitations of Liability

Any failure, computer virus infection, contamination or malfunction of the user’s system, or error, loss or damages, shall be the sole responsibility of the user. Under no circumstances shall Kinema Shashinkan indemnify the user for any loss and/or damages. Kinema Shashinkan shall not be liable for any loss and/or damages arising out of the use of the Kinema Shashinkan website and/or its materials.

Article 6. Policy for Linking to Kinema Shashinkan

1. Regardless of whether it is a business enterprise, organization, or individual, if the operating body is for non-profit purposes then the user may link to any page. However, this shall be permitted only for web pages. The user may not link to an image file directly. Additionally, when establishing a link, the user shall be required to contact Kinema Shashinkan using the form below. Also, when a link is established, it must be clearly indicated that the link is to “ Kinema Shashinkan”.

2. Kinema Shashinkan shall not accept linking from the following kinds of websites:
(1) Websites that defame the operators of Kinema Shashinkan, or any other organizations or individuals.
(2) Websites that infringe and/or may infringe upon on any copyrights, portrait rights or any other relevant rights.
(3) Websites that are offensive to public order and morals and/or against applicable laws and regulations.

3. Kinema Shashinkan shall not accept links that modify the original page designs of its website.

4. Kinema Shashinkan shall not accept linking from any website that contains any description and/or expression that may cause misinterpretation and/or confusion with the products, services, business enterprises, organizations and/or information of those that have a special relationship with its organization or are bound by special conditions related to its organization.

5. Kinema Shashinkan shall assume no liability whatsoever for websites linked to this website including, but not limited to, accuracy, damages resulting from linking to this website, and/or any dispute/collateral arising out of linking to this website. All responsibility for the aforementioned shall be borne by the organization linking to this website and Kinema Shashinkan shall bear no responsibility. Kinema Shashinkan shall bear no indemnification, remedy and/or compensation for any troubles, loss, or damages arising out of linking to this website.

Article 7. Prohibited Matters

In using this website, the following are prohibited:
1. Any action against these terms of use.
2. Any action against order and morals.
3. Any action related to a criminal violation.
4. Any action that infringes on the copyrights of Kinema Shashinkan, other clients and/or any third parties, and such copyrights include, but are not limited to copyrights, right of design, utility model rights, trademark rights, patent rights, honor, privacy and/or any profit.
5. Any action that penalizes other clients and/or any other third parties.
6. Any action that disturbs the operation of Kinema Shashinkan and/or any action that damages the reputation of Kinema Shashinkan.
7. Other actions that shall be deemed inappropriate by Kinema Shashinkan.

In the event that the user infringes any terms of use and/or purports or commits any inappropriate action that violate these terms of use, Kinema Shashinkan shall be eligible to terminate usage of this website and/or to take any action that it deems appropriate.
In the event that such measures are taken and regardless any conditions, Kinema Shashinkan is not required to be in contact with the user.
Additionally, in such an incident, even if any loss and/or damages were caused by measures taken by Kinema Shashinkan against the user, Kinema Shashinkan shall not be liable for any such loss and/or damages.

Article 8. Changes to Terms of Use

Kinema Shashinkan may change the content of these terms of use either partially or wholly without any prior notification. In such a case, each user shall not be notified individually. Therefore, it shall be the user’s responsibility to regularly check the terms of use whenever using this website. If the user uses Kinema Shashinkan after the terms of use have been changed, it shall be deemed that the user has agreed with the most current terms of use.

Supplementary Provision

These terms of use shall be effective as of July 1, 2011.


Privacy Policy
(As of July 1, 2011)

Based on the fundamental principles of the “Privacy Law” of Japan which states that “the private information of individuals shall be handled with the utmost of caution,” Kinema Shashinkan acknowledges that it is their duty as a business operator to protect the privacy of the user’s information. In order to do so, Kinema Shashinkan has established the following privacy policy.

1. Kinema Shashinkan shall respect all relevant laws when handling private information.
With regard to the handling of private information, Kinema Shashinkan shall respect the “Privacy Law” of Japan, any related laws, and the rules of its organization. Furthermore, Kinema Shashinkan shall respect general customary practices that are deemed fair and appropriate for handling private information. Additionally, Kinema Shashinkan shall adjust its handling of private information in compliance with any changes to the above law and/or social environment.

2. Kinema Shashinkan shall collect and utilize private information for limited purposes only.
With regard to the collection of private information, Kinema Shashinkan shall clearly state and/or announce publicly to what purpose the information will be utilized. Kinema Shashinkan will collect private information for the following the purposes:
(1) To issue a Kinema Shashinkan card.
(2) To use as log in information for accessing Kinema Shashinkan.
(3) To accommodate inquiries on Kinema Shashinkan.
(4) To use for the statistical purposes of Kinema Shashinkan. If private information is used for statistical purposes, it will not be used in a way that the user can be identified.

3. Kinema Shashinkan shall strictly control private information.
In order to avoid the loss, destruction, abusive leakage, falsification and such of private information, Kinema Shashinkan shall undertake necessary and appropriate measures to strictly regulate the safe management of such information.
Additionally, in order to facilitate smooth control of private information, Kinema Shashinkan may delegate partial management to a third party, and in such event, Kinema Shashinkan may provide private information to such a party. In such a case, Kinema Shashinkan shall enter into an agreement with the third party regarding the handling of private information and supervise the third party’s operations to ensure appropriate handling.

4. Kinema Shashinkan shall not provide private information to any third parties.
Kinema Shashinkan shall not disclose and/or provide any private information to any third parties except in the following cases:
(1) In the event that it is necessary to provide such information to a third party contractor as mentioned in above Section 3.
(2) With the consent of the user.
(3) Other legally appropriate cases.

5. Kinema Shashinkan shall respond to any requests regarding the user’s private information.
Kinema Shashinkan shall make every effort to accurately manage the user’s most current private information. Furthermore, in the event that the user requests to disclose or update information that Kinema Shashinkan holds, it shall disclose and update the information after confirming the identity of the user.
At the same time, in the event that the user requests to remove information that Kinema Shashinkan holds, such information shall be removed in a timely manner after confirming the identity of the user. If a part or all of the information has been removed, Kinema Shashinkan may not be able to provide services that meet the user’s expectations. (There may be some cases when Kinema Shashinkan cannot respond to the user’s request to remove private information as such information is required by law to be kept.)

6. Kinema Shashinkan shall respond to all inquiries regarding private information.
Kinema Shashinkan shall respond to requests as mentioned in Section 5 above or inquires on the handling of private information. Please use the following inquiry form for any requests and/or inquiries.